Elvis Tribute Concert

Join us August 16 for a special Elvis Tribute Concert starring Cody Torres as Elvis Presley with the Crawdad Band. The show starts at 8 p.m. at Crawdaddy’s Visalia, 333 E. Main Street, Visalia. (559) 625-5300. Tickets, $25, are available at Crawdaddys or online through August 12 (unless sold out)  at CrawdaddyVisalia.com. Hurry as tickets go fast. To purchase tickets use the online form to select a Number for ticket quantity and then click the Order Now Button.

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Elvis Tribute Concert Featuring Cody Torres and the Crawdads


Crawdaddy's Private Selection

Crawdaddy's Private Selection

Take home the Pleasure today.


Pinot Grigio

Cabernet Sauvignon


We are pleased to present Crawdaddy's private selection, an exuberant expression of how winemaking and catering come together.

Keith Korsgaden, expert owner/restauranteur, had the ambition of having a unique but local wine exclusively available for a few aficionados.

Claudio Basei, expert winemaker born and raised in Italy, after years of experience in his home country and now in California, personally crafted the vibrant varietal character wines.

It is one thing to have great wine true of status quite another to experience this taste. Enjoy!”

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